Court Services

Welcome To The Department of Court Services Website.

The Department of Court Services evolved under the Government's Alternatives to Incarceration Initiative, in which enhanced community-based sentences, programmes, and services for offenders.  The Alternatives To Incarceration initiative was introduced, in 1999, as a "Bermudianized" approach to deal with non-violent offenders in a restorative and rehabilitative manner in the community. In this initiative, incarceration would be viewed as the last resort for these offenders.  Alternatives present an aggressive and restorative mechanism for behavior change and change to thought patterns, whilst also protecting the community. 

The Department of Court Services is an expansion and enhancement of the former Probation Services and Bermuda Assessment & Referral Centre.  Offenders are provided with greater opportunities for rehabilitation and restoration.  The interests of victims and the community are promoted in encouraging and enforcing offender accountability. In addition substance abusers are assessed and referred to the appropriate treatment provided in the community.

The Department of Court Services provides enhanced programmes, services and resources through effective case management, referrals, supervision, monitoring, community partnering, and treatment regimes.   The primary focus is to minimize offending and risks that lead to offending.  Comprehensive assessments, reports and intervention are provided to assist the Courts and Parole Board and promote the protection of the community. 

Departmental Initiatives For 2012/13

  • Young Offenders
  • Assessment Centre
  • Gang Initiative
  • Certification and Retraining
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Re-entry Court Programme
  • Mental Health Treatment Court Programme